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Weekly Meeting at SCCC

Mon 21st January 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00

Arcinspire - Justin Roxburgh

At SCCC with Kathryn R-B in chair. 27 members plus guests Rodney Williams and Tony Laurance and the speaker Justin Roxburgh enjoyed a delicious meal.

Clubs Visited – Rory reported on his visit to RC Langport’s Wassail Night but refused the toast soaked in cider when it was passed around.

Nigel introduced Justin, CEO of Arc. Formerly known as Taunton Association for the Homeless, it has been rebranded and runs as a self-funding Company, with income from rental of properties in Taunton and Bridgwater. Volunteers and some paid employees seek out rough sleepers and offer 11 “crash-pads” where they can have a bed, shower and change of clothes, and be offered more permanent accommodation. They have 15 properties housing 174 people.

The emphasis is finding out what help they need, not interrogation, so that a programme of tailored courses in their own College, plus extra mural activities will help to give a sense of achievement, leading to certificates of competence which could aid application for employment. The aim is to reignite the spark which was once in them. Once the person has an address, this can allow benefits to be claimed from which rent can be paid to Arc. 

Over 350 were helped last year, and their progress monitored, so that any deterioration in behaviour or health could be aided and future problems prevented. 

TVRC had provided “seed-money” to a would-be Gardener and to a Nails and Hair Practitioner some months ago, and Justin reported on their good progress, and thanked the Club for this help.

See for more information.

In his Vote of Thanks, Bill Bain said that it had been encouraging to hear Good News, and that it was possible to help those who would otherwise have to fend for themselves.

Speaker Dinner on 16th March – 82 of the 100 seats had been sold so far.

Business- The Halcon Centre opening will be on 1st March 3 to 5pm.

Ball Draw – Gavin Brown gets the wine but no Joker yet.

Next Meeting 28th January at SCCC – speaker Paul Hughes on the Halcon Project. 

Breakfast Meeting Wednesday 6th March at The Stragglers.

Meal apologies to David Janes.