Speaker Meeting at SCCC

Mon 11th March 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00

Sophie Banham, Equinor (Renewable Energy Technology)

38 Members and the speaker Sophie, enjoyed a delicious meal at SCCC before moving to the front facing the big screen. 
Proud father Colin Barrell in his role as Speaker’s Friend, introduced his daughter Sophie Banham, saying that she had studied at Queen’s College from a young age to Sixth Form, before a gaining a degree in Marine Geology at Cardiff University. Since then she had travelled the world, diving in many waters, before joining a Norwegian company whose business was wind farms. 
Equinor, formerly StatOil, is involved with Natural Gas, Oil and Wind and water-generating power sources. 
Sophie’s detailed talk asked the question “UK Energy Mix- What does the future hold?”.
She explained that demand and supply has to balance out, but there is a base load demand with spikes caused by popular TV programmes when everyone puts the kettle on at the same time.
Her job now was involved with development of new sites for offshore wind farms, especially the Dogger Bank in the North Sea. {The UK is a World Leader in this sort of energy production}.
The price of turbines was halving, and becoming more affordable than Nuclear, while the aim to reduce carbon-based energy production was increasing. The possibility of using Natural Gas to provide cleaner Hydrogen, and to develop greater battery storage capability, as well as Hydro power using surplus electricity to pump water to a higher level so that it can flow down through a generating turbine, were all prospects for our future.
Thanks for a most descriptive talk were expressed by Henry Besley, who congratulated Colin on his extremely talented daughter, and said that the numerous questions from her audience reflected their interest.
President Keith reminded everyone of the Speaker Dinner on the 16th, which was now fully subscribed.
Paul Hughes thanked all those involved with the Opening of the Halcon Link Centre, and said that the attendance of Amber Rudd MP had generated a massive PR coverage which boded well for future public funding bids.
Phil Greenway promoted the coming Tech Tournament on 26th March, for which teams were still signing up, and which would require volunteers to steward, car park and judge. The task would be to construct a Crane, using rules laid down by Rotary GB&I.
Abbeyfield – The Matron, Jill Byford will be retiring soon, and it was hoped to arrange a special event to recognise her outstanding service to that community.
Rory O’D and Tony Blackshaw had attended a “Moving Forward” District event and given a presentation on our formation of the Breakfast Club, and heard of other initiatives.

Next Meeting on the 18th would be an “opt in” visit to Take That at the Octagon, Yeovil. [buy own tickets]
Monday 25th March – Speaker – Andrew Cornish, the CEO of SCCC. d/r D Brown, s/f D Bartaby.

Ball Draw: Wine won by Jonny Dunk. Joker still to be found.