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We are a breakfast Club and meet at 08.00 on alternate Friday mornings.

 We are a breakfast Club and meet at 08.00 on alternate Friday mornings.

The Rotary Club of Plymouth Mayflower, chartered on 1 February 1997, provides the opportunity for those who share Rotary ideals to meet over breakfast and then to go about their normal daily business.

The criteria for a new Club in Plymouth was to extend the Rotary opportunity to a younger and more diverse group of community minded individuals who, perhaps, could not find the time to meet in the middle of or at end of the day.

At the time the Club was chartered, none of the Founder Members were retired. We introduced people from the arts and leisure industries into the Rotary family and from the outset we embraced the dual gender principle - having the first Lady President in District 1290.

We are proud that this ideal, together with a young and vibrant membership, continues as the Club progresses to maturity.

Progress through the years has not been easy. Valuable founder members have left for a variety of reasons. Recruitment of new members into the Rotary movement has not been easy and this Club, which does not have the ready-made fellowship conduit of a drink in the bar after the meeting, works hard to recruit new active and creative members.

We have an extremely active social calendar, providing a mix of formal and informal events, where members can extend their Rotary "fellowship" as well as raising funds for local and international Charities.

A wide range of Local Charities have benefited from funds raised by members: Club Rotarians give their time freely to assist with a wide range of community projects.  We actively support, through financial contributions or the giving of Members’ time, a number of international projects.  We are a supporter of Rotary's own international Charity "The Rotary Foundation" where the Club's per capita donations, over many years, have been amongst the highest in the District.The Club is a constant supporter of two key local Charities, St Lukes Hospice  and Shelterbox .For a full list of organisations supported by the Club in its lifetime, please go to “What we Do – Beneficiaries”

Founder member, the late Kevin Farleigh PHF, was District Governor in 2007/8. In doing so, he was the youngest District Governor appointed in District 1290.

We further stamped our mark on the District in July 2011 when our founder President, Maxine Stoyel MPHF, became the District's first lady District Governor.

Member William Wills MPHF served as District Governor for District 1175 in the Covid-19 restricted year of 2020/2021.

Member Susan Wills MPHF is the Honorary Treasurer for Rotary GB&I for the period 2021-2024.

The Club is justifiably proud of its involvement with the wider Rotary community

Having "Mayflower" within its name, we are proud of our association with "the New World" and are twinned with the Rotary Club of Plymouth Massachusetts.

.....not bad for an adolescent Club....come and join us....Our current venue is on our home page.  We look forward to seeing you....you will be assured of a warm welcome.


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 We are a breakfast Club and meet at 08.00 on alternate Friday mornings.


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