Special General Meeting

Tue 3rd December 2019 at 19.00 - 21.30

Election Night

Special general meetings of the club, of which at least fourteen days' written notice shall have been
given, shall be held in each year before the following dates:

(a) At such time between 1st July and 15th November as shall satisfy the annually notified requirements of the district council, for the purpose of nominating members for election to district council for the ensuing year, and proposing for submission to the district council for selection as district governor a Rotarian from the district.

(b) 1st January for the purposes of:

(i) receiving and approving the examined accounts for the year ended 30th June

(ii) electing by ballot of the members the president for the next year but one

(iii) electing the vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer for the next Rotary year

(iv) electing one voting delegate (and substitute) to attend the ensuing annual conference of the Association, and one additional delegate (and substitute) for every 25 or major fraction thereof of its active members

(c) Before 30th November for selecting candidates for the offices of President and Honorary Treasurer
of the Association for nomination at the annual conference of the Association.

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