Hair today gone tomorrow








Our dads, partners, brothers, sons and mates face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young. The Movember foundation is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. They are addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.  What used to be called the month of November has been renamed Movember and heralds the start of a little madness.  Four club members George Tarbotton, Godfrey Burley, Ian Macfarlane and Paul Lees decided to raise funds to support the Movember Foundation by gaining sponsorship to grow moustaches during the month.


Come the first day of Movember we downed razors and waited for something to happen. What started as stubble soon became a shadow and then on to wispy mould on the upper lip - Not a pretty sight!  We each proudly boasted to friends and collegues, neighbours and strangers, indeed anyone who would listen, how we were each going to grow an outstanding moustache so as to be the envy of all other men and to enable us to woo beautiful ladies. The competition was under way so who knows what cheating would go on to enable each of us to outdo the other three.  Creams, drugs, massages and visits to voodoo doctors, trust us we are Rotarians!

Sponsorship was sought and many people were very generous in paying us off to go away.  A young lady was heard to say, “typical of men fundraising, they expect us to pay for them to have an extra 10 minutes in bed because they don’t have to bother having a shave”.  A bit cruel I think.

The result was four magnificent growths and between us we raised over £1700 for a great cause.


Paul Lees   10/01/2019