International Projects

We are proud of our efforts in helping people all over the world. In recent years we have completed projects in Ecuador, USA, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Albania and Bulgaria.

International Projects sub-pages:

Starting the journey

Asella Fire Engine

more Delivering a Fire & Rescue Service to Asela, Ethiopia.

Bakery - Elbasan, Albania 2016

more An orphanage was going to close down due to lack of funding. By setting up a bakery for the organisation, they could teach baking and sell the produce. All profits were re-invested in the orphanage

Fire Engine - Asela, Ethiopia 2017

more Asela (Ethiopia) now has a Fire & Rescue Service. A school burnt down to the ground as there was no existing fire service. When Rotarians visited Asella and heard about this, they decided that this should never happen again.