Club Scatter 2019

There will be no specific Club Meeting on Wed. 20th February and there is an internal Club challenge to show the most initiative to 'scatter' between 14th and 26th February 2019

This is a test page awaiting decisions on how best to manage the upload of event photo and accompanying caption.....
Under the independent supervision of the Secretary of Bideford RC, David Hatton and I randomly selected three-man teams for our scheduled Club Scatter on 20 February, and here is the list. The objective is for the team, led by the first-named (in bold), to visit another Rotary Club meeting on any day between Thursday 14 February and Tuesday 26 February, and tell them all about Bideford Bridge RC. To find a club, either download the App - 'Rotary Club Locator', and use it to select one of the 32,000 available, or simply Google (Town name) Rotary Club and see what comes up. More information on Wednesday..

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