Weekly Newswire from Peter Race 24 July 2018

Ripon Rotary Club Weekly News

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Guests Prue Boddy, Margaret Mitchell, Andrew Horton and Gordon Milner welcomed.

Bishop of Ripon Dr Helen-Ann Hartley (pictured) described her early days before becoming Bishop of Waikato in New Zealand. Various important qualities were detailed including the fact that every person matters and effective teamwork is invaluable.

President David had attended the Workhouse Garden opening ceremony.

A cheque has been presented to the YMCA from the sponsored walk proceeds.

8 to 10 marshals needed for the St Wilfrid's Procession.

Tick lists out for the BBQ, Yorkshire Day, District Conference, Ripon Old Cars, Whitby Trip and the St Wilfrid's Procession.

Yorkshire Day Set-Up from 8 am - Richard, Peter R, John W., David St, David W and Harry.

Stall cover 10-11 Keith, Peter R

11-12 Alys, Jeremy

12-1.0 David B., Harry

1.0-2.0 John H, Peter R

2.0-3.0 Wendy John Mc

3-4.0 Richard, Peter R

Dismantling Richard, Peter R, David St, David W.

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