Betel - Timon Robins

Help when it's needed.

On Tuesday 12th February 2019, President John Green had the pleasure of welcoming to the Club, Timon Robins, the Community Relation Officer for the Betel U.K. charity. The is a world wide organisation, although little is known by the general public, deals with people who have hit rock bottom in their lives, mostly due to drug and alcohol abuse. Timon told us that he had been a heroin addict for 20 years and that seeing the light had changed his life completely. He is very happily married and now an example to hundreds of people of what can be achieved. Rotarian Brian Sharp thanked Timon for giving a first class talk, explaining the charity to our members. President John congratulated Timon and wished him all the very best for the future of the charity, presenting him with a cheque for his charity. Rotarian Brian Sharp took photographs of the meeting.