Rob's March Report

The President's Monthly Newsletter

Catherine Chima-Okereke is welcomed into the club by her sponsor Bobby Morris and president Rob Soutar

CITY NEWS       March 2019

Great weather as I write. We are off next week for a few days of winter sun. Didn’t need to bother!

Apart from the trip to Tanzania which I have reported on, we have had several good events this month. Inner Wheel provided a good meal in Withington which we shared with Wye Valley. They were delighted to raise £700 from their work, so a win/win. A number of us then had a pleasant curry night organised by Kevin. Sadly, of the 20 originally booked, we ended with half that but still had good fellowship.

At Council, we discussed Neil’s problem with lunch time. Mostly about 20 present and often he has to turn away lucrative wakes. We decided to move 4 March to Wormsley. We now need to think about the long term. Do we stay with two lunch meetings but find a different lunch venue or perhaps next year programme for 3 dinner, 1 lunch? Views vary within Council. Do you have a view? Neil is keen for us to stay for dinners.

Colin reported on various ideas for the use of Stan’s legacy. The preferred option was to set up a trust fund and use the income each year. While superficially attractive, it was pointed out that the income would be small and dwarfed by most of our fund-raising ventures. So, it’s back to the drawing board. Everybody, even those who did not know Stan, please let Colin have your thoughts.

On Monday I had the honour of inducting Catherine into Rotary. I’m sure she will contribute to the club and am confident you will continue to make her welcome.

In the next few days you will be issued with duck tickets to sell. This year we are back to our old Hunderton bridge venue and for the first time for ten years we will not have crowds to sell to on the day. It is therefore vital that we sell lots of tickets in advance. Apart from personal sales, John Taylor will be setting up lots of selling spots. He says “ I wonder whether you could include a paragraph encouraging members to spot selling opportunities where perhaps they could do with some help and a planned day or time to sell. Here I am thinking of a stand at the , Ruth or Tanya's school, those with links to existing charities, piggy-backing events at other venues such as village halls and sports clubs. I wonder whether those church goers amongst us to encourage parishioners to sell to raise money for their church or their ongoing project - there normally is one.”

A gang of us are off to Torquay next week for the District Conference. Apart from the important social side one gets a wider view of Rotary and usually some ideas. A few new people coming this year. If you have not been, think about for next year.

Rob                                                                                                         28 Feb 2019