The Fleet Rotary 500 Club Lottery

Fleet Rotary's 500 Club lottery supporting local charities, now in it's second year, provides a weekly cash prize. Click on the Details box to find out how to enter, and for a list of recent winning numbers (also published on our Facebook page)

New lottery launched by Fleet Rotary


Now in it's second year, Fleet Rotary's  500 Club Lottery provides participants with the opportunity to win a weekly prize, currently £50, but rising to £250 once 500 tickets have been sold.

50% of the money raised will be distributed as prizes, and 40% donated to local charity and good causes.

WINNING NUMBERS  (Year commencing 1st March 2020):

Draw Number        Date               Ticket Number                

        42                    14/12/2020            46

        43                    21/12/2020            15

        44                    28/12/2020            34

        45                      4/01/2021            80

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