The Fleet Rotary 500 Club Lottery

Fleet Rotary's 500 Club, a lottery supporting local charities, is now in it's second year of providing a weekly cash prize. Click on the Details box to find out how to enter, and to see a list of recent winning numbers.

New lottery launched by Fleet Rotary


Now in it's second year, Fleet Rotary's  500 Club Lottery provides participants with the opportunity to win a weekly prize, currently £50, but rising to £250 once 500 tickets have been sold.

50% of the money raised will be distributed as prizes, and 40% donated to local charity and good causes.

WINNING NUMBERS  (Year commencing 1st March 2020):

Draw Number        Date               Ticket Number                 

        9                   27/04/2020            34

       10                  04/05/2020            29

       11                  11/05/2020            99

       12                  18/05/2020            44

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