Christmas Charity Lunch

Our annual Partners Christmas lunch at Reids on Monday, December 10 - fun for all and money raised for St. Lukes Hospice

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A Christmas Jolly - We Deserved  It!

After all the hard work put in by committee and members during the year, we let our hair down as usual when members and partners gathered in force for the annual Partners Christmas lunch at Reids on Monday, December 10. 

Organiser Keith Wood did a great job organising the menu, negotiating the price and handling the late amendments to the plan, making sure there were places and food for all. 

Our usual room at Reids was seasonally decorated, service was fast, food good and there were even crackers!  Conversation flowed easily as members looked forward to the Christmas break.

Exchange of Cards

Only three members were missing, Ben and Mary, always a busy time for Ben at Christmas, Chandra, sojourning with his family in India, and Norman and Iris had to drop out at the last moment.

All were remembered in the annual exchange of Christmas cards – and what an exercise that is!  One member, who shall be nameless, managed to hand cards out to all the wrong people. Later apologised and all was forgiven.  That’s fellowship for you!

Hospice Benefit

All present signed a card for St Luke’s Hospice and added a donation which raised £165.

Party hats, lovely meal – President Les thanked the staff at Reids for their excellent service – and good conversation.

Disappointed that Table 4, Messrs. Rothon, Kettle, Wood and Sinclair did not sup enough wine to burst into their usual noisy party mode.  Age creeping up, I guess!
Perhaps next year? 

100 Club Winners

Roger Kettle did the 100 Club Draw.  Lucky winners were:

  • £100    Michael Redgewell
  • £75    Iris Bishop
  • £50    Mike Ginn
  • £50    Ken Smith
  • £25    Nigel Joyce
  • £25    Clinton O’Rourke

Great fellowship all round and thanks again to Keith for arranging it all.