Santa Collects

Rotary Club of Billericay are delighted to support the Billericay Lions Santa Sleigh collections again this year.

A Winter’s Tale Of Joy To All

Shakespeare wrote it, David Essex had a hit song with it.  But for years, Billericay Lions have carried the winter’s tale a vast step on and made it a highlight of the festive period.  We are delighted to have supported the Santa Sleigh collections again this year. 

Dressed appropriately, Roger, Malcolm, Patrick and Carol, Peter Greene and Mike Sinclair were at the start for Thursday’s (13th.) Santa’s travels.  Our numbers more or less matched the Lions.

Case of collect our buckets and leaflets and follow our leaders. Knocking on doors as instructed.  The Lions now cover the areas with the minimum disruption for those residents reluctant to have their evenings disturbed for too long and those with younger children.

“Christmas Starts Now”

Members reported almost universal delight from families generous in their donations. Comments:  “High spot of Christmas. Thank you for bringing the sleigh.”  “You all do such a good job for Billericay.”  “For us, the arrival of the sleigh is the official start of Christmas.”

A talk to Santa and a sweet for their trouble. What joy! All this in bitterly cold weather. Mike Sinclair summed up: “Mass of elves and the expertise of Santa’s chauffeur ensured we completed our allotted route on time.    Hopefully the financial result will compare favourably to previous years.  It would not be from lack of effort.”

PS:  Peter went home to have his frost bite treated and the rest adjourned to a nearby hostelry (where else?) for alternative medicine and to check how many steps we had covered over the five mile route. No cheating, lads.!