Tewkesbury Fire Cadets Visit Our Club

Tewkesbury Fire Cadets visited Tewkesbury Rotary Club in March 2019 to tell us about their Unit and the training they receive. What an inspirational group of young people they are!

Tewkesbury Fire Cadets is part of the youth charter of the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Following the success of the Cinderford Cadets, who have now been in existence for a number of years, Watch Manager Michelle Hicks from Tewkesbury Community Fire Station was asked to assist in the establishment of the Tewkesbury Cadets in 2017.

The Cadets started in August 2017, with four 13-year-olds, keen to learn all about the Service. Since then the Cadets, now 10 in total, have completed their basic training in which they were introduced to all aspects of Fire Service responsibilities. The Cadets have an excellent understanding of the Fire Service and how it operates, but they have also been using the specialist Cadets’ Appliance, provided by the Service, to use water and to learn and experience how to fight fires.

The Fire Cadets were excellent in damping down the Bonfire at the Vineyards last November – this included encouraging some of the more inquisitive youngsters of Tewkesbury not to get involved with dealing with a fire, unless trained! Rotarians were particularly impressed with the maturity and efficiency of the Cadets and were keen to invite them to Tewkesbury Rotary Club to learn more about their unit.

On Monday 4th March, 6 of the Cadets along with Watch Manager Michelle Hicks, from Tewkesbury Community Fire Station, visited Tewkesbury Rotary Club and gave the Rotarians an insight into their Unit, Training and their fundraising activities for their forthcoming trip to Holland in August.

The Tewkesbury Cadets Leader Wijnand Wormhoudt (wijnand.wormhoudt@glosfire.gov.uk)is in the process of arranging a tour to Holland, in August, together with the Cadets from Cinderford and Lyndey.

As a Rotary Club we are keen to support young people in their activities and we hope we can call upon their assist in future Community Rotary events.