A Saxon Screen

Orpington's Saxon Day Centre needed help to acquire a 75"TV screen for the benefit of their elderly clients.

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The Saxon Day Centre caters for many elderly clients in the Orpington and adjacent areas.  Whilst providing much in the way of indoor social activities (including lunches), the centre lacked a suitable screen to provide audio and visual stimulation for the clients, many of whom suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers. Research has shown that films/tv can prove invaluable in providing stimulation for reminiscence in patients. The Orpington Rotary Club therefore setup a project to provide the much needed facility. A District grant was successfully applied for and financial help was given by Orpington Crofton Rotary Club & other organisations

Pictured here are some of those who attended the handover ceremony by the Mayor Clr Kim Botting who was accompianed by her husband. On his left is Denis Moore, Chair of the trustees, and trustee members. On the Mayor's right is Maxine Dwyer, Deputy Manager. On her right is Francis McGarry  from the Orpington Crofton Club and on her right are members of Orpington Rotary.  4th in from the left is Terry Wilson Hooper President of Orpington Rotary Club. 

The complete installation work was carried out by Terry Cook and his team from Hunter Security Ltd.