Know Your Blood Pressure Day 2019

On Saturday 13 April, we participated once more in this annual Event promoted by the Stroke Association in Cheltenham's Regent Arcade.

  Drs. Peter Ormerod, David and Wendy Price measured passer by blood pressures between 10.00am. and 1.00pm. when Cheltenham North took over for the next 3 hours. There were good numbers of our Club Members on hand to entice passing members of the public to have their BPs checked.

A total of 67 BPs were checked, well down on previous years where around 100 were tested in the 3 hours. Footfall in the Arcade was notably down this year possibly explained by the fact that this year the Event was right in the middle of the Easter School Holiday.

29 males were checked and 38 females. A perfectly normal BP was found in 8 under 35 year olds who where tested.

10 persons fell in the 35 to 55  and interestingly  3 had consistently high diastolic (lower reading) and were given advice and a GP visit suggested.

In the over 55 year old category 49 were recorded, 8 of which were on BP lowering medication . Of these no less than 5 were found to be uncontrolled 2 saying they had been put on the medication years ago and had not had it checked since! All five were referred back to their GPs.

However, in addition, in the 55+ group, we did find no less than 6 people with consistently high BPs (2 of whom were dangerously high)who were completely unaware of their raised pressure. This made a  total of 14 out of the 67 requiring assessment in their GP’s surgery, though 5 of these were aware and needed readjustment of their medication.

It is very satisfying that these few hours has uncovered 9 persons unaware of their  elevatedBPs and possibly will receive life extending treatment. Thank you to all who participated in the Event.

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