Weekly Meeting at SCCC

Mon 13th May 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00

Speakers - Simon Billington and Peter Fox - ROC Taunton

Thanks to all who cooperated with ringing round to notify the change of venue and to Oake Manor who provided a delicious meal at short notice for 32 Members and the two speakers.

Simon Billington and Peter Fox gave a presentation on ROC Taunton Deane. [Redeeming Our Communities]. Simon has left a career in teaching in Primary Schools, and is now a Pastor of The Vineyard Church, while Peter a Lawyer, is one of our newest members of the Breakfast Club.

Simon said that they had come across a number of people who would like to do voluntary work, but were not sure how to start, or the type of activity they were best suited for.

Following the advice of ROC, a National organisation, they had convened a meeting with local churches, Councils and voluntary groups, and had compiled a list of public needs and who were already involved. 

The outcome was a project to provide Mentors for families, particularly those with children under the age of 12;

Launched a NIght Shelter project for when the temperature dropped below freezing, and rough sleepers would be offered a drop-in, pop-up, safe, warm environment;

Facilitated a forum for individuals/ small groups to plan and initiate new projects in their local community that build safer, kinder communities.

Michael Cooper gave a vote of thanks.

President Keith asked for more support for the Golf Day and drumming up more teams to enter.

The Ball Draw wine went to Stuart Adam, bur still no Joker.

Next Meeting 20th May at Oake Manor, Speaker from BIBIC, d/r G Davies, s/f R Austin.

June Meetings – Breakfast on 5th June.

10th June at Oake Manor PLUS WIVES/ PARTNERS (apologies to D Janes and if only one member coming). Presentation to Jill Byford of Abbeyfield. d/r J Dunk, s/f J Williams.