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Breakfast Meeting

Wed 5th June 2019 at 07.15 - 08.30

at Mr Miles

Lovely breakfast at Mr Miles (Thanks Colin) and a vote for the breakfast meeting to be moved to this venue.

18 people in attendance (1 guest- Russ Haworth- who we welcomed to his 2nd meeting).

Chair- Jim Lewis

Agenda to be circulated by Lauren before each meeting/ any agenda items emailed to Lauren (please use for this).


• Structure of meeting- to be kept as it is with an occasional speaker- any ideas then please email Lauren. To be fun/educational or a good speaker the main club has recommended.

• We are official! Need an event to Inaugurate the group – decision to have a summer BBQ at Rumwell House (to be organised by Jim and Rory-although Paul Hughes has info that can help). This will be for partners/friends/business connections/potential members- to be funded by the ticket sales.

• Projects- Halcon is the main focus at the moment but any ideas anyone has then please let us know. The group will be open to suggestions for projects/help required and it was suggested that this should remain local. 

• Paul Hughes- appealed for 1 or 2 volunteers to help mentor/guide the set up of a Post Office in Halcon- private business to be funded by the Social Enterprise Fund of Somerset community. In the hope this will then form a precedent and encourage the residents to consider business opportunities, provide employment in the area and sustainable projects. 

The Big Lottery Fund application is still underway and it is likely to be 4-5 months before the outcome (but it is looking promising). 

• Richard Austin – talked about International Committee- 3 club update (Us, Redon in Brittany and Nykvan in Sweden)- May 2020- possibly Plymouth, Bristol or Portsmouth fri- Sunday.

- Oversea’s project may be coming to an end

- Foundation overview (Polio/women and children out of exploitation/ clean water/peace)

- Friendship exchange

Any further information required then please ask. 

• Phil Greenway- Moonraker- 5th October- all going to plan. Miles and Trish dealing with marketing, if anyone wants to get involved in the planning then please ask, volunteers for helping on the day will be requested in due course.

• AOB- Kathryn has 2 tickets for cricket on 17 June- email will be circulated for a silent auction. Russ Haworth said round table will be doing the same.