Ed Ryan

Wed 24th July 2019 at 12.50 - 14.00

Personal and Business challenges

This week’s talk, at the Rotary Club of St Andrews “Surviving the Italian experience, a litany of personal and business challenges”, by Rotarian Ed Ryan, provided a humorous glimpse into the daily life of a newcomer in a foreign country. 

Some basic challenges included overcoming the language barrier, dealing with bureaucratic officialdom and adapting to a different set of cultural norms, all while trying to manage a new business assignment successfully. 

Escaping from an amorous landlady, watching your belongings dangle on thin cable enroute to an 8th floor balcony and living through several burglaries provided an unexpected measure of excitement.

In addition to the delicious cuisine and selections of fine wine, keys to survival included the fortuitous finding of a resident “Guardian Angel”, managing to “listen” in Italian and grasp multiple simultaneous conversations, and finally, learning to “behave” as an Italian.

The “puzzle” finally solved, Ed and his family gratefully returned to the Cheshire countryside.


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