Boys' hostel at Reach The Unreached

A two year campaign has resulted in a new boarding hostel for boys in rural Tamil Nadu

After work with Wells and other Rotary clubs, Reach The Unreached has been able to build a boarding hostel for boys who have outgrown the small foster families that have cared for them since infancy.  The charity provides education for many other children in the area, achieving impressive results in the national tests used in India, but has been forced to send teenage boys away to other boarding schools, at significantly greater cost than that involved in educating the girls.  The new building will allow a couple of dozen boys to live on site and get the full benefit of the community that is run by the local staff and families, as well as leaving money over for other things.

The facilities will be used to support a life-style and training hopes that are both appropriate and realistic for a very rural part of Tamil Nadu where there is a great deal of poverty and need.  Reach The Unreached provides a very wide range of support, ranging from this children's education to new housing or modest income for families which are struggling to cope, to medical facilities or employment for local villagers, but all very much linked to what local conditions demand, rather than outsiders' expectations.

There are hopes of continuing the relationship between the club and RTU in future.

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