Dallas Shooting

Wed 18th September 2019 at 12.50 pm - 2.00 pm

Bill Sutherland will give a different twist on a famous shooting

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Rotarian Bill Sutherland asked a recent meeting of the St Andrews Rotary Club, if they could remember what they were doing on November 22nd1963? Most cannot.

But re-arrange the question as “What were you doing on this date, when US President John F Kennedy was shot” and almost everyone around at the time remembers vividly, where they were and what they were doing!

Bill then told of an amazing number of coincidences, which brought him and his wife, Fiona, to meet up and become life- long friends with a lady who was three cars behind the President’s car when the terrible event took place.

She was, Liz Sutherland Carpenter, who as the name suggests has direct linkages to the clan Sutherland many of whom emigrated to America, during the Highland Clearances. Then through clan gatherings in Scotland and then in the US their paths came together.

Liz Carpenter was a very successful political correspondent, who at the time of Kennedy’s assassination was aid to Vice President Lyndon B Johnson.

 LBJ as he became known, was sworn in as President on his return flight to Washington DC. Liz was credited with writing the 57 words which he would speak to the world, before taking the oath of allegiance as President.

Bill spoke of Liz Carpenters, straight talking style, no matter the status of those around her and of her strong influence on matters such as equal rights, especially for women.

Later, as a well sought-after dinner speaker, such was her vitality that despite her frailness, she would drive to the venue, with her wheelchair in the back of her truck.

A remarkable lady, at a memorable time in our history.

Rotarian Jack Daniels provided a warm tribute and vote of thanks.   

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