Rob's May Newsletter

Our president's summary of the month's activities, including the duck race

And they're off! The ducks make their entry into the water.

Rotary GB&I_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWS       May 2019

Drafting this after Sunday’s successful Duck Race. It all went smoothly and hopefully we will have about £8k for good causes. Given that we ran it without the big crowds from the River Festival, selling over 2300 normal tickets and 125 business ducks was a pretty good effort. Thanks to all of you who got involved.

We had had good coverage in the Hereford Times last week. I have drafted a reply to the letter showing concern for last years boom fiasco. May be Phil having his romantic weekend in Austria proved a blessing as his preparation and Nick’s implementation got it absolutely fine this time.

It seemed so much more straightforward running it from our traditional bridge to the Sea Cadets that we shall need to think carefully what we do next year. But we need to recognise that we sold £4000 more ducks on the day last year. A suggestion is that we sell on the Saturday but have the race on Sunday. If that worked for the River Festival people, it would be much less exhausting for us.

April’s meetings included the oddly titled ‘The Arse of Sadaam’ but both hearing Nigel Ely and reading his book were entertaining.

Over the next two months there are a lot of non-standard activities and members need to look at programmes and Paul’s epistles. These include:

·        Friday dinner – Greek Cypriot at the Litchfield Vaults on 10th May

·        Monmouth RC Walk on the Wye on Sunday 12th May

·        Evening meeting at the Green Dragon on Monday 13th May

·        Bohemian Rhapsody at Labels, Ross on 28th May NEEDS MORE PEOPLE

·        Lunch in the Hammonds Garden in Marden on 3rd June

·        Putting at Wormsley on Monday 10th June

·        Concord Visit in Bristol on Friday 21st June

·        Displaying Shelter Box at New Market and Castle Green 28th and 29th June

·        Presidents Finale in Withington on Saturday 29th June.

·        HMTC Memory Lane (we get the income from tickets) on 3rd July

With the exception of lunch at the Hammonds, all these events will welcome partners.

Rob 8 May 2019