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Photos of new members at their induction

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The induction of a new member is a pretty informal event. The previous newcomer is usually the one chosen to read out the "Objects of Rotary" and then the President hands the new member an Induction Pack along with a Rotary Pin. Sometimes trouble is taken to try to attach the pin, which invariably resists placement on the new member's shirt, blouse or jacket lapel and sometimes ends up near their feet, followed by a quick search on the carpet!  For this reason we have sometimes taken to pretending to pin on the Rotary pin and the new member can attach it properly later!

A "New Member Handbook" is passed over to help the member settle in. There may be a mentor or buddy if the new member would like one, but in any case the whole club is always very welcoming and friendly and everyone makes them feel welcome and part of the "family".

Sometimes there is a little introduction by the member who introduced the new incumbent and sometimes the new member then says a few words themselves. It all depends how everyone feels at the time.

Of course there are no rules about this. Each person is different and the most important things is that everyone feels happy and comfortable. Welcome to all new members. We hope you will enjoy making long and happy memories in our little family of TuT Rotary.