Wed, Oct 23rd 2019 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Speaker: Marc Laine.
Subject: ESI Monitor.

Marc Laine, Managing Director of ESI Monitor a not for profit organisation will be talking about the role of the organisation:

Environmental Monitoring & Green Guernsey

Central to Guernsey’s finance sector strategy is the development of the jurisdiction as a centre for green and sustainable finance and Guernsey is gaining international recognition for these efforts. Creating product has been the central pillar of the strategy to date.  This approach and positioning must be backed up by a supportive and aligned ecosystem whereby financial sector providers and the broader corporate sector are able to align their own green credentials with the Green Finance movement.  ESI Monitor provides the opportunity to do this through a transparent and easy process.   

ESI Monitor has taken over from Guernsey government the role of providing environmental accreditation.  ESI Monitor has an environmental framework and award, that has been benchmarked against international standards. 

Social Impact Monitoring 

Additionally, ESI Monitor will benchmark businesses for their yearly spend per employee on the community and local charities. Businesses that surpass a threshold will be listed by industry alphabetically. However, on accreditation and quarterly thereafter, ESI Monitor will provide social benchmarking data by industry to award holders.

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