Business meeting

Thu 5th September 2019 at 1.00 pm - 2.15 pm

Our monthly business meeting

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A table of sandwichesWe have been meeting at Hamptons (formerly the Marconi Social Club) for about thirty years. Recently the caterers who have been serving us all that time gave us notice that they would do so no longer as they wished to concentrate on big events. We had our last cooked meal there last month. Hamptons are able to provide us with sandwiches (see the photograph) but we are considering what permanent arrangements we should make for the future. At today’s business meeting we agreed that until the end of the year we should hold internal meetings at Hamptons with sandwiches and more formal meetings elsewhere with a sit-down meal. The Secretary promised to send us all a weekly email to remind where we are meeting each time.

We also had a discussion on a possible “Rotary Showcase” event at Hamptons in lieu of one of our meetings later this year. The discussion was mainly around the format. Watch this space!