Rotary is an international organisation. The work we undertake outside the UK can be just Kinver or working with Other clubs throughout the world.

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Over recent years Kinver Rotary Club has supported a number of international projects, as well as responding to appeals for aid in the case of international emergencies. There have also been donations to Shelter Box. Some examples of our international support appear below.

An education project in Rohtak, India, is aimed at getting youngsters into education as it is a major route to escaping poverty. Getting children to the project and into schools was proving problematic until Kinver Rotary Club provided funds for a vehicle to collect children. Further funding was provided to assist with vehicle maintenance.

Kinver resident Ann Becke organises the local unit of Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, bringing young people to the area for holidays and respite and visits to dentists and opticians. Kinver Rotary Club has supported the work for a number of years.

Ktiti is a village in Uganda which, until very recently, had little to look forward to. The arrival of Planting for Hope Uganda has changed that, working with the people to create a cooperative aimed at making the village self-sufficient. There is now farming, a clinic, a tailoring group, bread making and a successful school. An early need was fresh water as the only water source was a long way from the village and the water was not really fit for consumption. Kinver Rotary Club, supported by Bewdley Rotary Club and a District Grant, provided the funds for a bore-hole with an abundant supply of water in the village itself. More recently the Club has provided funding for solar panels for the school and dormitories to help the children with their studies. The impressive thing about this charity is that all money raised is used for the project and, less than three weeks after the cheque was handed over the solar panels had been purchased and installed in place, together with the requisite batteries.

Through our school contacts in our Youth Team, the club has also supported Classrooms in the Clouds, a charity which provides good quality classrooms and encourages teacher development in villages in Nepal.

In addition the club haas supported Rotary International's POLIO PLUS campaign.