Weekly Lunchtime Meeting

Wed 16th October 2019 at 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Speaker - Charles Holmes - Snaith Scouts Santa Sleigh

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Reindeer in Need of a Home 

The project started when Charles spotted a family of model reindeer at a local garden centre in desperate need of a home after Christmas.  A small sum of cash gave guardianship to Charles who then wondered how best to make use of his charges.

Santa Sleigh

The logical conclusion was to put the reindeer to work pulling Santa's Sleigh for children's Christmas parties, as Charles recognised that local charities do not have the funds to hire such props commercially.  A sleigh was constructed by the scouts out of plywood and then painted and decorated accordingly.  When put together with the reindeer, some artificial trees and a forest backdrop a delightful winter scene was created from which Santa can distribute his presents.

Have Sleigh will Travel

The Scout group is located within easy reach of several charitable organisations such as Andy's in Grimsby, so with the help of the scout camp gear trailer the sleigh can be moved to each venue.  Children and parents enjoy having their photos taken by the sleigh with Santa and his Elves.

Bigger would be better

The homemade sleigh has limited seating capacity and Charles saw the benefits is obtaining a sleigh that could seat families together.  The opportunity to acquire a genuine old but restored sleigh could not be passed and money was collected at a local garden centre for the purchase and transport.  The group now need further money to build a bogie to allow the sleigh to be manoevered more easily.

Christmas 2019

The Sleigh will be at Andy's from 14th December.

President John presented a cheque to Charles to help towards the modifications and Philip Lumley offered further support from the COMVOC budget.