President Handover 2019

Sunday 30th of June the Rotary Club of Reading Abbey celebrated the handover of the new presidency of the club

Sunday 30th of June the Rotary Club of Reading Abbey celebrated the handover of the new presidency of the club. This event took place at the Caversham Heath Golf Club, where more than forty fellow Rotarians got together with their partners to celebrate this important day. The handover ceremony started with a welcome cocktail followed by a three-course meal. It was a great day for the Rotarians and their partners, the room was filled with laughter, chat and the sound of the cutlery against the dishes. After the lunch and a quick break, the core part of the day started.  The outgoing President, Sue Roberts opened her speech remembering the fellow Rotarians who passed away, she then summed up her year recalling the funds gathered and the events organised in the past 12 months. After her speech she handed over the Presidents’ chain to the new President, Frances Woolaway.  Frances started by thanking Sue for her year, congratulating her on all that had been achieved and said how pleased Sue had enjoyed it.  She said how honoured she felt to be asked to take on the role and overwhelmed by the support she had received for her Presidency year.  She thanked Jim Gillett for agreeing to be the Senior Vice President, a very capable choice, and Adele Costabile for volunteering to be the Junior Vice President, to help during her year and was delighted to have a strong new Council in place; Frances reminded the fellow Rotarians and their guests that this year’s key themes are: fun, fellowship, chocolate and team hugs!!!!  And, most importantly, to ensure the continuing success of The Rotary Club of Reading Abbey. She then passed the Past President’s chain to Sue Roberts and the Senior Vice President chain to Jim Gillett. At this point Jim Gillett gave the Junior Vice President chain to Adele Costabile. 

The handover ceremony ended with a prolonged applause from Rotarians and the rest of the guests.

We really wish Frances and the Council good luck and a fantastic year ahead.