Youth Speaks Competition 2019

Congratulations to the team from Green End Primary School who went on to win the regional final. #PeopleOfAction

Nan  Ironside of Stockport Rotary Lamplighter recently organised a Youth Speaks competition for Year Six pupils in local schools. 
For the fourth year running the team of four from Green End Primary School won the local round with a performance deemed exceptional by many of the adults in the audience.
Lamplighters then entered the team in the Rotary District final alongside teams from Macclesfield and Wilmslow at the Deanwater Hotel.
Nan  and the whole of Lamplighters we’re delighted that the team won this final competition with their speech entitled  “No egg-scuses —go Vegan !”
The main speaker Kiyah -Louise Lopez was so convincing in her argument that one member of the audience commented afterwards that he was going home to throw his tea in the bin !
With young people as eloquent and committed as this these , the country can be assured that its future is in safe hands.