RotaKids/ Buttsbury Through the Hoops! 2019

Sponsored hula hoop challenge organised by the School’s RotaKids Club raises over £2400 for the RSPCA.

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Through the Hoops for the RSPCA

On Wednesday July 3  Buttsbury Junior School supported their chosen charity (RSPCA) by completing a sponsored hula hoop challenge. Organised by the School’s RotaKids Club, the children were given a sponsor form to collect as many sponsors as they could from their family and friends. They were sponsored either per hula hoop or by the total amount of hula hoops circles they managed in a minute.

They hula-hooped within their year group and worked in pairs to count the amount of hula hoops performed. 

A prize was awarded to the child who performed the most hula hoop circless (from each class).

What the children said:

  • ‘We are completing this challenge for the RSPCA – but I wish we were skipping – it’s so hard!’ Amelie in Year Three.
  • ‘We are doing this to raise money for the RSPCA, it was good but hard to keep the hoop going!’ Eliza in Year Three.
  • ‘We are doing this for a good cause, I got 121!’ Harry in Year Four.
  • ‘It was pretty tricky but I enjoyed it!’ Archie in Year Four.
  • ‘I thought I couldn’t do it, but I did!’ Theo in Year Five.
  • ‘I surprised myself!’ Harry in Year Six.

Buttsbury had invited members of the Rotary Club of Billericay to this fantastic event!  President Les took the opportunity to donate a cheque for £250 from the Soapbox Derby charity fund to Buttsbury in support of the RotaKids and all the fundraising done throughout the year.

Thank you to all of the staff for helping to organise the event.

The total amount raised was a massive £2419.80 as a result of the amount collected from all their sponsor money.  Well done Buttsbury for another successful and exciting fundraiser for such a worthy cause!