Giving to the Community

The first major donation of 2019 Soapbox Derby charity funds elicits support and encouragement at Quilters Junior School.

Welcome Cheque!

Lesson In Selflessness

One of President Les’s last pleasant tasks as President was to visit Quilters Junior School.  A bright day but no chance of a lie on the grass or a quick sun bathe?  No, not even a glimpse of the sun as he attended the final school assembly of the week.
Indoors it was, in the school hall, for making the first of our major donations from the proceeds of the soapbox derby.

Head Teacher Mike Wade focussed his talk to the school on encouraging the children to be proud of what they do, gain self-belief, and centered his talk on the need to give, one of the five priorities of improving their well-being at the school. 

After encouraging the pupils to report stories of their achievements during the week, he used our Rotary members as examples of giving, especially in relation to the annual soapbox derby.

Beyond Midnight

“How do you think they feel when suppliers don’t deliver what they promise?" He said.

"How do they feel when it’s all over and a success?  What keeps them going in the weeks and months beforehand when they are working until midnight and beyond, or getting up at 4.00 am in the morning of the actual day?  How much money do you think these Rotary members receive from holding the soapbox derby?”

“Nothing!” Was the reply.
“Why do they do it?” 

“To give people fun” was one reply.  “
To raise money for charity” was another.
“For the community” was another.

Fine Example

“Yes,” said Mike.  “Rotary is a fine example of how giving of your time and effort helps others so much.  Something for which we should all strive.” 

The pupils were delighted to see the donation cheque for £1000 which President Les handed over in a ceremony surrounded by pupils of the school and, fittingly, in front of the Quilters' entry to the Soapbox Derby.