Planting for Hope, Uganda

L to R Arvind, Bob Eaton, Kate Oakley, Dave. Cheque £1,250 for Planting for Hope Uganda, solar panels for school.


Both Bewdley and Kinver Rotary Clubs have supported Planting for Hope, Uganda for several years. It is the brainchild of Kate Oakley of Caunsall and it’s purpose is ‘empowering a community through education and sustainable farming’. The community in question is Ktiti in Uganda.
The first major contribution by the two  clubs, supported by a District grant, was the provision of a bore hole to bring fresh water to the community
and since that time the village has gone from strength to strength. Planting for Hope has brought both education and work to Ktiti, with a growing and highly successful school, complete with housing to attract teachers.
The farming has developed with the purchase and preparation of land. Current crops include eucalyptus trees, coffee and pineapples, bringing in a much needed income to the village. There are pigs and goats to provide a source of food, chickens for eggs and plans for dairy cows to provide milk.
Sewing machines have been purchased and women trained to use them so that, apart from other sewing projects, they can make and sell uniforms. The charity can give small grants to purchase uniforms, if needed. There is also a medical facility.
These are just a few of the many developments that have taken place at Ktiti.
Children are keen to learn, but one problem has been the provision of electricity for computers and light. There are some solar panels but more are needed urgently. Bewdley Rotarian Bob Eaton visited Kinver Club
on July 22nd, accompanied by Rotarian Tom Elliot and Kate Oakley joined us for the evening. Bob went to Ktiti in January to see it for himself and was able to update us with photographs of the village and its people. Kate then spoke about the next stages of development in the pipeline.
Kinver Vice-President Arvind Sharma - previously Chair of International - presented Kate with a cheque for
£1,250 from Kinver Rotary Club to provide solar panels for the much needed improvement to electricity supply.

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