Cure Parkinson Trust


Presentation of Paul Harris Fellowship to Rosemary Mason

Helen Matthews the Deputy CEO of the Charity Cure Parkinsons Trust[CPT] was the Speaker at the Club’s evening meeting on 31 July.

Before giving her presentation Helen paid tribute to the fundraising efforts for CPT over many years by Rosie Mason wife of Amersham Rotarian Mike Mason. President Barbara Cursley then presented Rosie with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her work for CPT.

Helen described how the Charity had been established by four people affected by Parkinsons paying special tribute to her friend the late Tom Isaacs.

The objectives of the Charity are to  slow, stop and if possible reverse the effects of the condition.

Because Parkinsons presents in a wide variety of ways the  research activity is itself very wide ranging and international. Researchers are investigating drugs available for other conditions to see if they have properties which might meet CPT objectives. They are also involved in a series of linked trials designed to make accurate comparisons between drugs.

Recent efforts  with a regenerative technique GNDF where drugs are delivered directly to the brain was the subject of a  BBC Documentary.

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