Christmas Sleigh

Sat 14th December 2019 at 5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Route details

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Saturday 14th December

Brief description of route:

Highlands Road, Middle Furlong, Meads Road, Southdown Road (North), Hartfield Road, Aquila Park, Arundel Road (North), Sutton Avenue (West), Headland Avenue, Downsview Road, Heathfield Road.

More details: 

Please note that the details of the route may vary according to circumstances on the evening.


5.30 Highlands Road
  Cornfield Road
  Middle Furlong
  Meads Road
  part of Southdown Road (North)
  Hartfield Road
  Downs Road
  Aquila Park
  Wellington Park
  Went Hill Park
  Arundel Road (North)
  part of Sutton Avenue (West)
  Darwall Drive
  Links Close
  part of Southdown Road (North)
  Headland Avenue
  Downsview Road
  Heathfield Road
  Bainbridge Close
  finish about 8.30

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Map of route