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Kevin Simpson of Malawi Fruits, President Adnan Soojeri and Rotarian John Brebner.

Malawi Fruits
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The speaker for Prestwick Rotary last week was Kevin Simpson from Malawi Fruits. They are a Scottish Charity committed to working with our partners in Malawi to establish and grow sustainable community businesses in the north of the country.

 They aim to provide start-up finance, training and support to agriculture and related community enterprises and encourage small holder farmers to see their smallholding as a business. Malawi Fruits provide support and training to help develop these fledgling businesses so they can maximize their income and provide for the education and healthcare needs of their families.

 Kevin Simpson told us about their bespoke water pump, with its integrated solar panel providing the energy to operate it, with the primary purpose of irrigating the soil. This enables a second crop on the land during the long dry season, transforming the potential for in me for the small farms.

This additional income is changing lives in many ways, including improving homes-grass roofs being replaced by more weather proof metal ones; the buying of some livestock for milk, food and breeding; and most importantly for education for children.

 The value of this solar panel operated pump is recognised by the UN who, for three years, will match fund very £1 that Malawi Fruits can raise for its application. A phenomenal result by this small, dedicated group of Scottish charity volunteers.

 Rotarian John Brebner, on giving the vote of thanks said, 'This was an inspiring and thoughtful presentation that stimulated great interest and discussion amongst the Prestwick Rotarians. The commitment of Malawi Fruits to changing lives was clear to see'

 Photo: Kevin Simpson of Malawi Fruits, President Adnan Soojeri and Rotarian John Brebner.

Further details about Malawi Fruits can be found on their website: malawifruits.org.uk