Covid 19 and what we have been doing

We needed to be able to help local charitable organisations without meeting face to face

  The first thing that we did was to  sign up to Zoom so that  we could continue with our meetings. We have attracted over 60% of our members with some coming in on in ad hoc manner

CLUB CHARTER 4th November 2020

With great pleasure:  Welcome to our special guests today

District Governor Andrew Batement

Assistant District Governor Janet Drewery

President of the Inner Wheel Sue McLaren


Progress Report to 31st October September 2020

The Rotary year is now into its 5th month and we are even more strongly in the grips of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have lost our home and we cannot even get together to share a beer and bemoan our lot.  It would not be surprising to find that despair had set in and we had given up BUT none of it.



We are strong and still being an effective source of “Service Above Self”.  We have discovered that Rotary Opens Opportunities.  I hope that like me you will feel proud and uplifted by what we have achieved.  Do just ponder how thankful fellow members of our community are that the Rotary Club of Humberside has come to their support.  Well done all of you.

We need to accept the things we cannot change but we are strong and have made great progress in adapting our approach to the role of our club in society.




1.   New Home.


We know where we are going, The Mercure Grange Park Hotel.  Some of us have been there for lunch and social distancing meetings but we do have to accept that the Club will not be meeting there for the rest of this Rotary year (unless something remarkable happens).


2.   Club activities.

Currently so many of our usual activities are out of reach.  Having said that, our committee chairmen are creatively turning over ideas for things we can do as and when the situation improves.  Even given this difficult situation we must take pleasure in the things that we have achieved and are in planning.

The Rotary Club of Humberside Covid Fund.

This is a club fund and as well as direct contributions from members and their friends we decided to move some funds from specific accounting pockets into the fund.  Thank you to the Community Services team and all those who agreed to reallocate other funds.  To date the Rotary Club of Humberside Covid Fund has made the following contributions to various local charities.  Some of the donations seem relatively small but it is so clear from the warm thanks we receive that they are hugely appreciated by the recipients.

COVID FUND DONATIONS to 4th September 2020

Sight Support Hull and East Riding


Martin House Hospice


The Salvation Army Hull


North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled


Macmillan Cancer Support


Hull Foodbank




Dove House Hospice


Hull Animal Welfare Trust


Jacob's Well Appeal


Street Angels


Victim Support






Remember that this money has mainly been contributed by each of you and supplemented by the Gift Aid Scheme so maximising its impact.  I know that many of us see this as a donation of part of our normal expenditure on our regular weekly meeting including our lunches and drinks thus helping to keep our budgets in shape. We also know that many of our members either contribute towards or help in other ways with various other charities so contributions towards the Rotary Club of Humberside Covid Fund are entirely voluntary.  Whether or not you choose to contribute, ALL club members are encouraged to say where they would like the fund to be allocated each month.


The Press Up Challenge.


This was a one off to collect for two specific charities.  The Hull Samaritans and The Beverley & District Talking Newspaper.  As you know, I set out to complete 500 press ups at the rate of 20 per day for 25 days.  I also filmed each attempt and published a few movies on the internet. I initially thought that I might be able to raise perhaps £500. When I set off on this particular piece of madness I had no idea as to just how generous you would all be and along with all my friends, family and neighbours you have helped me raise over £2,400.

Could this be a way for some other club members to raise funds for other charities.  Having completed this challenge I now have new skills with Facebook which I would be very happy to share with anyone else who would like to try something.  So please put your thinking caps on.

These two activities have contributed some £8,050 to local charities.  I think this is a great achievement for the club in these difficult times and we should all be proud of this.  Here is Rotary opening opportunities.


Roger Cook 5p Collection.

This is another single member enterprise and most of us are more than happy to contribute as and when we can.  Again, this has been hit by the pandemic as both the fact that we are all using far less cash transactions and, as we don’t get meet with Roger at our regular meetings.  Do remember that, if you speak to Roger (he now comes to our zoom meetings), he has said that he would be prepared to make collections.

Santa Challenge 2020.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of George and the rest of the team, this event is now up and running and is clearly going to be a success. The aim is to build on the success of last year’s Santa Fun Run which raised over £8000 for local charities.  I think this event is so important for three main reasons.  Firstly, it is a joint activity with another club, The Rotary Club of Holderness and I so strongly believe we should look for more of our efforts to be with other organisations.  Secondly it is an activity which will demonstrate to the community at large the work of ROTARY.  The event will not make any money and thanks to those who have made a donation towards prizes will not cost us money.  The work is shared so is not too onerous for any one individual.   Finally the event will build the database of interested individuals and charities for next year’s Fun Run Event.  


Music Bursary Scheme

The Major Events Team is in the process of the round 8 allocations up to a further six full music buraries.  Remember that each full bursary is £1750.  It is made very difficult this year because the Hull Music Hub (our scheme partners) are having difficulties communicating effectively with the schools hence potential bursary candidates.  However, I am certain that Dave Evans and his team will make great progress.  Remember that it is the youngsters who benefit from this scheme and the latest newsletter contains a wonderful report about how one young lady is progressing her musical career.

International Services

This team is battling on with their fund raising with the Pigeon Shoot, and events such as the Shoe Box Scheme and TWAM.  Well done Winston and the team.

Club Treasurer

Thanks to Godfrey and his adaptability in helping us all to cope in this ‘little cash or few cheques environment’.  It is a change for all of us, but you have made it work so well.


Thanks to Geoff’s work we have listened to some really interesting speakers at some of our Zoom Meetings.  I am very impressed by the work of HEY Smile Foundation and know that we will be more closely involved with them.

Community Services, Youth Services and Social Events virus struck but progressing


I know we shouldn’t talk about him in front of his boss but I am so grateful to Doug for helping me to keep our Club battling on up hill and down dale.

President Elect

I also want to thank President Elect Tony Macphail for helping me particularly with the arrangements for our Club Charter Today.  I am amazed that he organised a Michelin star meal and such wonderful champagne.  I wont mention Fifi as I will do that in private, later.

Where do we go from here?

As someone once sang “Oh the times they are a changing”.  It is for all of us to apply our thoughts to coming up with some more exciting ideas.  I will keep on pushing for changes as this Rotary year progresses.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for helping to make a difficult year a very successful year.  I am very proud of The Rotary Club of Humberside and as your President I am delighted to be able to present our achievements, and plans, with pride, to our District Governor Andrew Bateman and Assistant District Governor Janet Drewery and of course to our other Guest today, the President of the Inner Wheel of Humberside, Sue McLaren.



'What We Do' Main Pages:

We needed to be able to help local charitable organisations without meeting face to face


The club isrecognised by the media for projects we have helped in.


50th Charter year


Each Year at the Hessle Feast we help the nurses by collecting members of the public to have their blood presure checked


One of many projects. This one is a competition for young writters in conjunction with local schools


the pigeon Shoot is run annually by invitation


After a long spell of good weather the day of the Hogproast arrived and extra weather protection was required as the rain came down. The event was well attended and the spirits were not too dampened. The food was good, the friendship was good


Not only do we raise much needed funds for the various projects but we have regular social events. These events are designed to foster friendship amongst members.


December 2020 was going to be our second Santa Fun Run event. Covid 19 stopped all that. In conjunction with The Rotary Club of Holderness We are running a competition thanking last year's entrants on behalf of Santa .


Each year in June the new elected president takes over from the outgoing president, Next year's president takes over as president elect


We give some financial support to local musically aspiring children in the form of a Bursary. This is designed to help the selected children from 11 years through to 18