Charity Christmas Quiz

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The 2020 Quiz

Yet another challenging quiz has been attempted, completed, enjoyed or cursed and it is all over for another year..
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our major selling opportunities were not available so sales were significantly down. However, thanks to the support of several local businesses providing outlets for the Quiz, and a substantially increased contribution from those buying online, we managed to raise almost £6,000 for the charities we support. 
We gratefully thank all those regular and new supporters who bought the Quiz..
There were 300+ entries submitted, of which  40 or so were fully correct.  Congratulations to the winning entrants, to whom their prize cheques have been sent:
1st - Andrew Ashenhurst from Exeter
2nd - Helen Ougham from Kent
3rd - Carole McCreath from Enfield
4th - Andy Watson from Hitchin
The winning tie-break clue was "Mr Spooner said ghouls fold when he saw this golden mineral (4,7)" 
Well done to the winners, to all the others who got it completely correct and to everyone else who took part, whether or not you submitted an entry.  It's always fun trying..
Proceeds from Quiz sales and any additional donations will go to the main charities chosen for this year - GRIT and Just be a Child (click on their names to see more about them)  - and other Rotary charities.
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We hope that you enjoyed the 2020 Quiz and that it provided entertainment over the Christmas period.  If so, please consider a donation to help make up for the shortfall in sales caused by Covid-19 restrictions.  Any donation would all go to our charities.

Thank you for your support


If you didn't manage to finish the Quiz, or are not sure if your solution was correct, you can see the answers here.  If your solving powers are taking a break after pondering the winning clue shown above, look at Answer 2
We will be back with another challenging fun Quiz for next Christmas.  Start looking for it here from late October 2021


Now that you have got the Quiz behind you, why not have a look at the other things that our club gets involved with.  Go to "What We Do" above to find out more about us.