Water for Zanzibar

Provding water to a village in Zanzibar

In June last year the club donated funds to the charity Impact to build a water storage facility in Zanzibar.

The photos show the progress made and the final result which will provide safe clean water for the village of Kwarara.Before this tank was built villagers had to walk several miles for a source of clean water or, which was more likely, rely upon unsafe water sources such as streams and rivers putting themselves and their family members at great risk from deadly water borne diseases.

Some 500 men women and children now have access to safe clean water. Reducing the time spent collecting clean water means children sre now able to attend schools, water can be used for cooking and helping to grow vegetables thus improving the villagers diet and nutrition.

The relatively small amount of money donated (£2,200) has transformed the lives of so many people in Kwarara.