Rotary Becket goes on a Scatter

In October 2019 Members visited 13 other Clubs and enjoyed their hospitality

Rotary Becket went on a scatter in October when, instead of meeting on Wednesday, 9 groups and two other individual Rotarians scattered to a total of 13 Rotary Club meetings in Gt Britain covering a total of over 1,600 miles!

Our President Karl managed to travel the furthest (345 miles to Glasgow) and two of members managed it just 2 miles from Overstone to visit our Great Grandmother Club (Northampton).  One of our members managed to visit three of the Clubs on his travels

Thanks go to the host clubs at 

  • Bedford Park

[Click on the Club to visit their Facebook Page] 

Those who visited the e-Club did so on line so did not add to our total mileage but greatly enjoyed the experience

We all appreciated the friendly welcome from all of o ur host clubs who are very welcome to visit us in the future