What is a Rotary Satellite Club?

Rotary Club of Buxton want to start a 'Satellite Club' to ensure Rotary continues in Buxton. Here's what it's about

A Rotary ‘Satellite Club’ provides for people who like what Rotary does through hearing about Rotary from their local Rotary Club and wish to become more involved. But, they don’t wish to join that Club for a variety of reasons; it might just be that Club’s meeting time or style. Rotary Satellite Club members are Rotarians but they choose how and when they meet. That can be wholly or partially through social media, in a cafĂ©, pub or community room – whatever suits the members.

Rotary Club of Buxton want to start a ‘Satellite Club’ because they know there are people in the local community who want to give something back. They see Rotary as one way of doing that, but don’t want to become Rotary Club of Buxton members (much as the Club would like them to).

Rotary Club of Buxton will help those people get together and form a ‘Satellite Club’ Buxton Rotarians will be involved, but with a very light touch; they are there to support. At the right time, the ‘Satellite Club’ members will become Rotarians in their own right, with their own President, Secretary and Treasurer. They will decide their own meeting style, activities and projects and enjoy the full benefits of Rotary membership. ‘Satellite Club’ members would be welcome to attend any meetings of Rotary Club of Buxton and help with its projects and vice versa. When their numbers become more than 20, they would be asked to consider separating from the Rotary Club of Buxton and becoming a chartered Rotary Club in their own right – but there is no obligation to do so. There is no time limit to being a ‘Satellite Club’.

You can get a flavour of what Rotary Club of Buxton does by watching this presentation based on the Club’s leaflet.


If that sparks interest in being allied through ‘Satellite Club’ membership, then please get in touch with Rotarian Ian Priestley

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