Celebration of 100 years of Rotary in Cheltenham

The four Rotary Clubs in Cheltenham are celebrating 100 years of Rotary in Cheltenham during the Rotary year 1/7/2019 to 30/6/2022


                                                       Meeting 7th November 2019

The most recent meeting took place this morning. Your representatives are Beth Phillip, Sue Jenkins, Geoff Fox and John.

In order to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Cheltenham the committee has identified 3 projects:

The first and most advanced is the 100 Trees project. Under the leadership of Sue Jenkins we have established the cooperation of the Cheltenham Borough Council and the Highways Authority and a list of potential sites. In the near future we will have an information piece available for use when seeking sponsorship from businesses. This is, of course, a vital element of the project and we seek every members help in identifying those businesses with whom they have some sort of contact and their help in reaching out to those businesses. In a trial run, so to speak, David Evans of the Cheltenham Club, who chairs the collaboration group, has successful acquired £1000 of sponsorship from two companies in the town. Our target is to begin planting trees in the autumn of next year. An application for a grant of £500 will be made to District later this month. The CBC Fund for Green Initiatives will also be tapped.

The second project is a Celebratory Banquet to be held as near to the centenary date as possible in late October or early November 2021. The evaluation of sites has eliminated all except the Town Hall, The Ladies College and The College. 

Finally, the third and least developed project is the Cheltenham Circular Challenge under the leadership of Stephen Lloyd of Cleeve Vale. We are seeking one or two volunteers from each club to join Stephen in progressing the venture. Although not finalised the route is likely to be very similar to that used in the past. It is possible but unlikely that the Circular Challenge will be a collaborative effort with the CCP who run the Cheltenham Challenge at the Race Course.

John Phillip



Cheltenham - David Evans (Chairman), Jeff Gadsdon, Peter Limbrick, David Price, Maurice Saunders, Simon Wheeler

Cheltenham North – Geoff Fox, Sue Jenkins, Beth Phillip, John Phillip

Cheltenham Sunrise – Kay Edgeworth (Nigel Messenger, Stan Smith)

Cleeve Vale – Stephen Lloyd, Colin Prottey

North Cotswolds – Graham Ogden DG


Having begun in January 2019 to assemble a number of projects which could be jointly executed by the four clubs to celebrate and commemorate the Centenary of Rotary in Cheltenham the focus of the group has gradually changed.

Some of the initial list of proposed projects were thoroughly evaluated and, for various reasons, rejected as unsuitable, unmanageable or unwelcome:

· Refurbishment of War Memorial

· Citizens Advice Bureau support

· NHS Mobility Aid Recovery support

· Shelter Bus

· Duck Race

· Celebration of Installing 50 Defibrillators

· Firework Display at the Racecourse

· Shelter Box in the Regent Arcade

· Picnic in the Park

Those which survived the cull were:

· Planting 100 trees

· Circular Challenge

· Mile of Coins

All 3 projects provided the legacy element and were considered of value to the entire populace of Cheltenham.


The 100 Trees project has made most progress. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Sue Jenkins, good contacts have been established with the Gloucestershire Highways Authority, Cheltenham Borough Council and the contractor Ringway with the objective of identifying suitable planting sites and assigning maintenance responsibilities. Planting will need to take place in the Autumn of 2020 and the Spring of 2021.

We are seeking business sponsors. A flyer has been designed and printed and we expect to have available a list and map of sites this month at which point we will begin to visit potential sponsors. For a donation of £300 a tree will be planted and labelled with the sponsor’s name and the involvement of Rotary. For £500 two trees will be planted and for £1000 three trees will be planted and the sponsor’s name will be added to a published list.

In order to assist the financing of the project an Auction of Promises will be held in June. Members of the clubs and others will be requested to

provide promises. A list of promises from a prior auction has been made available as a guide to potential contributors.

The revival of the Circular Challenge and the Mile of Coins have made some progress but at a lesser pace because of our need to focus some energy and resources on the celebratory dinner.

Centenary Dinner

The target date is as near as possible to November, 2021. We are catering for an attendance of no more than 250. Several venues have been explored Based on seating capacity, an acceptable price and accessibility the list had been reduced to Cheltenham Town Hall.

However, we have recently identified the Officers’ Mess at Imjin Barracks as another possibility. Gloucester RC will celebrate their centenary there in May 2020. The site will be evaluated in the next few days.


Expenses to date have been borne by Cheltenham RC. At some stage in 2020 it will be necessary to call on the other clubs for contributions towards venue reservation fees and the like.


We intend to revisit the other main objectives in the next few weeks.

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