Proposed Satellite Club

The Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill is looking for help to launch a Satellite Club

The members of the Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill firmly believe that the younger generation are concerned about the many issues involved in life in Britain today  -  poverty, increasing violence, physical, mental and on-line abuse, homelessness, drugs, pollution, climate change, and are more than willing to try to alleviate the consequences of these concerns. These issues also exist in third world countries where illiteracy, disease and lack of health care, lack of clean water and sanitation all add to the general malaise of their world today.

Rotary International tries to address many of these concerns both at home and abroad but, we believe that many of the younger members of our communities are reluctant to join Rotary as it is perceived to be an organization for old men, meeting every week for a meal and a drink, with at bit of a chat and, perhaps, doing a few things to raise a bit of money to donate to charities. 

Rotary International is aware of the problems and has, in recent years, relaxed many of the requirements for membership. Meetings no longer must be once a week, the meetings do not need to be the formal events that they once were, there is no qualification requirement.

If people want to make a difference, give something back to both their own communities and help people in need throughout the world, Rotary can help them do that. Members in the new clubs can set their own rules. They can meet at an informal venue. They do not have to have an expensive meal, or any meal. They can meet once a fortnight and devise their own projects.

The Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill are, therefore, investigating the setting up of a Satellite club that would appeal to a younger generation. It would still have all the advantages of the huge world of Rotary International but would be a club where you could set your own agenda and address the issues that most concern you.

If you care about the many issues that are involved it life today, want to make a difference, meet like-minded people and increase your social circle, Rotary and a new satellite club may be the place to do it.

If you would be interested in forming a new club, please send your contact details to,uk