We have money to give away!

Once again we are inviting applications for funding from local groups and charities

Rotary East Thurrock Funding Application

Each year we hold a Charity Presentation Evening where we fund local projects.  Our evening for 2020 is planned for 22 May and you are now invited to apply for funding.

At this time we are looking for local, small, sustainable projects.

  • By "Local" we mean the area covered by East Thurrock, though we would consider others nearby if they support East Thurrock residents
  • By "Small" we mean up to £500 but generally about £300
  • By "Sustainable" we mean project that would ideally have a longer term impact on the area or residents.  However, we will also consider shorter term project if we feel that it will have a good impact

Rotary East Thurrock is keen on making partnerships with other organisations.  If you think there is a way we can work together or that you can support us please make sure you explain this on your application form.  Of course we will not exclude you from funding if this is not practical.

During this Rotary Year we are supporting local Primary and Secondary Schools and Academies in other way so will not accept applications for funding through this process.

If your project is accepted a member of your organisation will be invited to attend our Charity Presentation Evening to receive your funding.  You can also bring along other guests for which a small charge will be made.

You are invited to apply for funding following this timetable

  • Applications for funding close - 17 April
  • Sucesfull applicants informed of decision - 30 April
  • Presentation evening - 22 May