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Chairman and vice talked about what the society does

Chairman Michael Balmforth & Vice Harvey Tordoff from Midhurst Society with Pres Peter
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04/02/2020 Meeting at Cowdray Park Golf Club

Speakers Chairman Michael Balmforth and Vice Harvey Tordoff from

The Midhurst Society

Occasionally it does no harm to be reminded of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful environment as Sussex and, in particular, in Midhurst.

Michael Baumforth and Harvey Tordoff of the Midhurst Society provided us with an excellent insight into the dynamics of Midhurst  whilst alerting us to the challenges that proposed developments might lead to and the need to try and protect the heart of Midhurst to make it 'a better place to live, work and visit'. The Midhurst Society is now 60 year old with 110 members and is one of 40(!) special interest groups in Midhurst - a clear indication of a dynamic place in which to live. Apart from their website and magazine the Society have represented Midhurst's interests in a wide range of proposed developments including the Severells Gravel pits, Fraser Nash site, Waitrose, West Lavington Church, tree planting in North Street, etc etc. In many cases one got the impression that their best efforts were simply ignored but, success apart, it remains important that developers should be made aware of local concerns and Midhurst is lucky that the Society exists to be our 'watchdog' seeking to protect the future development of the Town.

Andrew Gibson

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