Cliff Padley Memorial Writing Challenge for Primary Pupils

Thu, Feb 6th 2020 at 10:02 am - 10:02 am

Cliff Padley was a long standing member of Brigg Rotary Club and well known as a sports reporter on local newspapers. This year four schools submitted entries, Brigg Primary, Scawby Academy, Hibaldstow Academy and North Kelsey Primary School.

Winning entry for “A Setting Description” by Xavier Turkington Y5 at Brigg Primary and two Highly Commended Certificates.

“A Setting Description” by Xavier Turkington Y5 at Brigg Primary

It was a typical desert island: a beach of soft golden sand that slipped between your toes, dense, luscious, green vegetation that waved in the gentle breeze. Jagged sandstone-coloured rocks all surrounded by cool, calm, crystal-clear, turquoise waters. Gentle waves lapped against the beach and pale craggy rocks.

You could almost taste the sharp, salty tang of brine in the air. Birds wheeled overhead trilling their merry, musical melodies. Further inland a white plume of smoke- probably from a fire, as that would explain the wood smoke aroma - rose steadily into the atmosphere.

A white unblemished sign stood warningly on the rocks “NO SWIMMING” it read. Below, near the base of the rocks a small shoal of silver, minute fish darted, their scales glinting in the sunlight.

The angry, unrelenting sun beamed down without mercy, rays of light piercing the water.  Insects scuttled for refuge from the sun in the cool, shady tree trunks.....................

Brilliant vocabulary for a 9 year old.

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