Norman Brough Joins the Team

President Michael Welcomes Norman to The Rotary Club of Thornhill and District

Recently Wednesday 5th February 2020, Membership Convenor, Ian Lewis started the evening by introducing Norman to the Club members and guests.

Norman was born and raised in Tallantire a village close to Bridekirk, Cumbria, he and his wife Margaret moved to Guilyburn, Kirkmahoe in 1981 where they run a dairy farm until 1991 when they moved on to Cotland farm at Tinwald where they farmed cattle and sheep along with a multitude of other animals including horses, pigs, ducks, hens and donkeys.

Norman and his wife Margaret have three children Sarah deputy head at Wallace Hall Primary, Alison who teaches at Lochmaben and George who is carrying on in the farming tradition at Cotland, along with six grandchildren they are a close family and very much family orientated, now that they are close to retirement they have recently moved to Amisfield.

He has always been keen to encourage youngsters to learn about all aspects of farming, through the Royal Highland Educational Trust he has arranged many primary school visits to Cotland, also Norman and Margaret have been giving talks in schools of which the children seem to find very interesting and educational. They have also supplied various animals for films and television adverts including Taggart and Monarch of the Glen and in doing so has met various actors like Richard E Grant, James Cosmo and David Jason.

Norman has always being keen to support any local events run in the Tinwald and Amisfield community, he is on the committee of the Tinwald Farmers and supports Rotary at their various events. He is also a keen sportsman and likes nothing better than watching most sports on the television, he does curl for the Kirkmahoe Curling Team and thinks the great thing about curling is that in the worst case the worse your team can do is come second, lol.

President, Michael Keene went on to welcome Norman into the club as a new member, Michael explained what Rotary Fellowships consist of, members who share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions. These groups help expand skills, foster vocational development, and enhance the Rotary experience by exploring interests while developing connections around the world. Norman thanked the club and its members for their friendly hospitality in the recent months whilst visiting as a guest and said that he was honoured becoming a member and was looking forward to supporting the good work that we do as part of the team.

I.L./A.S. 07-02-2020

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