Rotary Technology Tournament

Teams from local schools compete to design and build an unseen technology challenge against the clock, in this one-day event.

Rotary Technology Tournaments are one-day events, organised by groups of Rotary clubs for teams from local schools and colleges.

These tournaments consist of teams of four students undertaking an unseen task challenge of a design, build and test nature, against the clock.

The task is consistent with the requirements of the National Curriculum.  Its execution develops team-building, communication skills, planning and time management, as well as solving a design and technology problem.

The highlight of the day is the testing session where teams can see the performance of competing designs and solutions from other schools.

2020 is the first year that Rotary Group 7 District 1110 have hosted this Rotary competition for local schools.  We are grateful to PETA Ltd for providing a neutral judge from an engineering background.

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