The annual Road Shows

Each year, with invaluable help from some of the Friends of Rotary, we stage a number of Road Shows- an evening of entertainment (some talent, much enthusiasm) at several of the local residential care homes.

This year, we’ve been to St. Katherine’s, Stirlings, Sanctuary Care and Maude House.

We take along a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks, which we then serve to the residents. The drinks and the entertainment are all provided by the Rotary Club, at absolutely no charge.

This year, the show contained a duet singing the Hippopotamus Song, a Dolly Parton tribute act, a Pam Ayres poem, a virtuoso violin, a rather unusual performance of Sleeping Beauty (in costume), and two sets by the highly popular, and hugely talented (I’m in it, so I would say that!) Ukulele Bailey Ensemble.

All of the care homes we visit are kind enough to offer us some refreshments, after the show, and they always seem to invite us back.