Community Defibrillator Project

Providing potential life-saving AEDs across Washington

Information about the project

July 2020Our ongoing Community Public Access Defibrillator project was brought to a temporary halt due to the arrival of Covid-19. Thanks to the support of Gentoo we have now had two AED cabinets fitted - one outside the Blackfell Store and Post Office, and the other outside the Donwell House Care Home. Thank you to both venues for agreeing to locate these at their respective premises and for appointing 'guardians' to look after them. The potentially life-saving defibrillators have just been placed in their locked cabinets and are now operational. In the event of an emergency, the access code is provided by the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Whilst no training is actually required, when the circumstances allow we will be liaising with the NEAS to arrange local sessions to familiarise community members in their use and how to deliver CPR. We appreciate the backing that Councillors in the Washington West Ward have given us and for the funding from the Sunderland City Council - Washington Area Committee. 

September 2020
Community public access defibrillator installed at the Stella Maris in Albany. Kindly fitted by Gentoo

December 2020

A cPAD was installed outside the Building Blocks Day Centre in Concord. Kindly fitted by local electrician - Len Cole.

January 2021

A secure cabinet provided for an existing defibrillator at The Washington Cricket Club in Rickleton. Again, thanks to Len Cole for completing the installation