Rob's February Newsletter

The newsletter for February written by Rob Soutar on behalf of president Katie Farmer

Rob Soutar

Another month gone. Well done if you did dry or vegan January. It works well if I can do newsletters after Council but as its on 18th Feb it means the month will have passed. So limited amount of news.

January speakers have been largely in house. Ruth did her job talk which was well received, particularly by many who did not know much about her dog swimming pool. Because of a funeral wake at the Bay Horse, we went to Burghill golf club for lunch on the 20th. I did another life/job talk. I was surprised to find that lots of people did not know much about my career – not surprising I suppose since the first time I did it, the majority of those there were not yet in Rotary.

On the 27th, Kevin B brought Michael Sandiford to talk about Technology. All very 1984 with the big, American, tech companies knowing everything about us. I’m not sure that the potential connectivity will be widespread for a while but it makes you think. But, a day or so later, I received a message on my phone asking for my opinion of the Bay Horse. Why, I wondered? Then I realised that as a test I had sent Ray an email from my phone during our 27th meeting. They obviously knew where I was when I sent it – scary!

Yesterday, Colin did his job talk. I thought I knew his history but I had forgotten or never known about his time with the JPS racing scene. I thought the pit girls were ones from the NCB where I knew he started work. Enlightening for most of us.

Prior to that meeting a number of us went to Lawrence Basden’s funeral. Kevin’s dad came to a few of our meetings when he came to Herefordshire from but previously, he had been a long term Rotarian and a Paul Harris Fellow. He was also a scout and scout leader for over fifty years. Our condolences go to Kevin and Sue.

The next meeting is our joint meeting with hosted by Inner Wheel. Its in Withington Village Hall. IW go to a lot of trouble to prepare a really good meal and its their big fund raiser. So if you have not confirmed attendance in the ‘yellow book’ do give Paul a bell. Partners welcome of course.

After that on 24th, our own Neil MacGregor is doing in 50 buildings. Derek’s slides are always fascinating to anyone with any interest in this historical city.

We have another International meal pencilled in for the end of the month. We have now confirmed it for Saturday 29th February. It will be in the new Turkish restaurant in . Paul will be circulating details and putting it in the yellow book.

Rob 4 Feb 2020